The 4th Vietnam International Maternity Baby & Kids Fair 2016

Date: 03 ~ 05, November 2016

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, SECC - 799 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The International Fair on products and services for pregnant mothers,  for mothers and for children is an unique and biggest fair in Vietnam that focuses on commodities for pregnant mothers, mothers and children. The Fair is held annually and has become a great festival of mothers and Children

and it is also the Joyful of fathers when they bring their beloved wives and children to visit the Fair, where everybody can experience with pleasure, shopping newest high quality products for their families and beloved kids together with many incentives and gifts, the Children can experience entertainment , learning and training more new skills.


The Fair is held in combination with many useful activities for consumers, such as seminars on health and education, with the participation of experts on baby care, children care, there are also a playground for children with cheerleading activities, many events and competitions for children and for their mothers, fathers… that always attract the participation of thousands visitors.

Vietnam Int’l Maternity Baby and Kid Fair is a meeting place of companies, trade brands, suppliers, investors, experts, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and agencies of the Industry…this is a best place for marketing products and services to many target customers, where they can sell their goods and carry out their trade connections at the same time.


Displayed exhibits at the Fair are included:

Retail system: retail products; equipment and furniture for shops; technological equipment for shops; professional services; retail trade products …..

Products and services: Nutritious foods; providing children care services; fashions and accessories; furniture and sanitation wares; safety equipment; toys; products that relating gestational periods and prenatal; learning and publishing programs; teaching tools; education & training, playground equipment for children; kindergarten system,…

The Fair is divided into many functional areas:

Seminar area where many seminars and workshops on Health, nutrition, how to care infants, good tips for moms…with speakers who are doctors, consultant experts of health care for mothers and children for the purpose of providing useful knowledge for visitors as well as increasing levels of brand recognition for companies positively and effectively .


Cheerleading event area: where lively and enjoyable competitions for children, for mothers and for whole family with many attractive gifts are taken place. This is also a bustling and busiest of the Fair. 


Care area for pregnant mother and baby is a reserved area for mothers and babies such as changing diapers, baby breastfeeding and massage for mothers…

Playground area for children is a free of charge play area for children, where babies can having fun, play with intellectual entertainment games with creativeness by sponsor of exhibitors.


Free of charge trolley rental area for the families who have infants and babies, this service will be provided by the Organization board after registration of visitor information at the information desk.

The Fourth International Fair on products and services for pregnant mothers, mothers and children will be held from 3rd to 5th of November 2016 with estimated area of 8,800 m2, with the participation of 230 exhibitors with 400 exhibition booths, attracting approx.50,000 trade and shopping visitors.

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