The 10th International Exhibition On Electrical Technology & Equipment – Vietnam ETE 2017

Date: 19 ~ 22, July 2017

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, SECC - 799 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

* Electrical Technology& Equipment:

Technologies, Machinery & Equipment for Thermal Electricity Power Plant using coals and Diesel, Hydroelectric plants, Gas turbine power plants, Power plants using geothermal energy, Nuclear Power Plants, Power Stations, Generation Equipment in general, etc.

Equipment for Electricity Transmission Systems such as: Transform substations, transformers, meters, power switch machines, high voltage breaker, control and adjust equipment, electronic instruments, equipment, technical parts and accessories related to the construction of power grids and stations.

Wires, cables, transmission equipment, connecting conductive material, electrical appliances, insulation materials, equipment and materials for Underground Cable Systems, etc.

Technologies and Solutions for electricity distribution, automation, measurement equipment, data acquisition, testing, monitoring, protection and control systems, etc.

Electrical equipment and products for industrial use and civil use.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems.

Electrical materials and Safety equipment.

* Lighting Technology & Equipment:

Civil and Industrial lights, Decorative lighting, LED lighting technology.

Technology and equipment for Urban Lighting System, Lighting for works, lighting for offices and factories, Lighting for industrial mines and explosion proof, Emergency lights, Specialized lighting equipment, etc.

Automatic Switching Over Time Equipment, Automatic Control Equipment by Luminance Meter.

Equipment and materials for manufacturing lighting equipment.

Equipment for manufacturing, inspection, measurement, testing and evaluation.

* Contractors who provide & install complete equipment for projects:

Refrigeration electrical engineering, electrical systems in buildings, constructions.

Electrical engineering for construction, elevators, freight elevator and other specialized electrical equipment.

Construction and installation of lighting systems and interior decoration, etc.

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