Asia Renewables Biomass & Bioenergy Asia

Date: 17 ~ 19, January 2018

Venue: Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon, 253 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Growth of the South Korean biomass power in 2013 has since boosted the production of wood pellets in Vietnam and to-date, Vietnamese producers are one of the key leaders for the supply to the fast-expanding North Asia – Japan, South Korea and China.

In October 2017, it has been reported that more than 800 biomass power projects, 12.4GW capacity, have been approved in Japan.  With current supply from domestic supply, Canada, Vietnam, USA & South East Asia, this sheer number of projects still sparks questions on biomass fuel availability and sustainability, from, to feed when all these capacity come on-stream.  

South Korea’s wood pellet demand is also expected to increase, given the rise in new biomass-consuming facilities scheduled to come on line in the next few years. Imports could reach over 2 million tons this year as utilities continue to transition to a broader use of biomass. 

Meanwhile, robust industrialization and growth in Vietnam has fueled a surging demand for electricity. Electricity consumption from industrial and residential, is expecting to grow by 8 - 12 percent annually through 2020.  And to meet this demand, additional capacity of 4,000 MW per year, from now through 2020, will be required.  The recent revised Power Master Plan VII (towards 2030) emphasized renewable energy capacity growth in wind, solar and biomass power, with targets to increase the percentage of renewable energy power to 7% percent by 2020 and 10 percent by 2030.

CMT invites you to attend the Asia Renewables 2018 – 4th Biomass & BioEnergy Asia on 17 – 19 January 2018.  Co-venue with Vietnam Renewable Power, attendees will hear from a carefully selected speakers-panel of key officials, wood pellets producers, biomass buyers and trade, who share insights on demand and supply, sustainability and economics.

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